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Consolidated Directory Name Index

This index lists all individuals named in the various directories I have transcribed and made available on this website. Click on the links to view the transcription of the relevant directory.

Adams Henry Charles farmer, Burcott 1847~1853~1854~1863~1864~1869~1876~1877~1883~1887
Adams Herbert Walter farmer, Burcott 1895~1899~1903~1907~1911~1915~1924~1928~1931
Adams James boot shop 1887
Adams James agent to Lord & Lady Wantage 1895~1899~1903~1907~1911~1915
Adams Miss Sophia gentry, Burcott 1847~1853~1869~1877
Akehurst Mary Ann schoolmistress 1853
Allder Ellen (Mrs) schoolmistress 1887~1895~1899~1903~1907~1911
Allder James Frederick miller, tailor 1903~1907~1911
Allen Walter Gore farmer & tutor 1935
Attenborough Edwin farmer 1864~1869
Attwood John "Cock" 1844
Attwood Richard victualler, "Cock," and postmaster 1839~1847~1850~1853~1854~1863~1864~1869
Avery Wm. farm baliff 1895~1899~1903
Ayres Richard gardener (Cotes, Dalmeny) 1907~1911~1915~1924
Badger William farmer, Burcott 1847
Baker F hon sec of Village Hall & club 1931
Baker Joseph hairdresser 1903~1907
Baldrey Emily (Miss) schoolmistress 1915
Bandy George "Sportman's Arms" 1876~1877~1883
Bandy William bricklayer, shopkeeper, and coal dealer 1864~1869~1876~1877~1883~1887~1895~1899~1903~1907
Barnett Edward John resident 1915
Beasley Francis miller, baker, beer retailer 1850
Beckett Jonathan grocer and beer retailer, Littleworth 1839~1847~1853~1854
Bedford Joseph boot and shoemaker 1839~1847~1850~1853~1854~1863~1864~1869~1877
Bedford Mrs resident 1883~1887
Beeson Walter shopkpr 1928~1935
Bennett Joseph farmer, West park 1853
Bennett Samuel farmer, West park 1847
Biggs Edward farmer, Burcott 1847~1853~1854~1863~1864~1869~1876~1877~1883~1887
Biggs Edward farmer, corn dealer, Burcott 1895~1899~1903
Biggs James grocer and cheesemonger, farmer 1830~1839~1844~1847~1850~1853~1854~1864~1869
Biggs William farmer, Burcot 1903
Biggs William James resident, corn dealer 1876~1877~1883~1887~1895~1899~1903~1907~1911~1915
Bliss John farmer 1877~1883~1895
Bliss Matthew farmer 1883
Bodington William Faux huntsman (Whaddon Chase) 1924~1928~1931
Bolton Jesse shopkeeper 1911~1915~1924~1928
Bolton Joseph carrier 1911
Bolton Mansell carrier 1907~1911~1915
Bolton William beer retailer & carpenter 1863~1864~1869~1876~1877~1883
Bond Stanley head gardener (Rothschild) 1931~1935
Bone Barnard/Barnet beer retailer 1839~1844
Bone George "Royal Oak" 1839
Bone John baker and grocer 1830~1839~1844~1847~1850~1853
Bone Joseph beer retailer, grazier, sheep dealer 1839~1854~1863~1864~1869
Bone Lucy (Mrs) "Royal Oak", Ascott Green 1847
Bone Walter boot and shoemaker 1876~1887
Bone William licensed hawker, shopkeeper, carrier 1895~1899~1903~1907~1911~1915~1924~1928~1931~1935
Bonham Wm. Geo. baker 1928~1931~1935
Boore John huntsman (Rothschild) 1899~1903
Boyland Mary (Miss) "Sportsman's Arms", Littleworth 1899
Bradshaw William Cornelius farmer, Burcot 1907~1911~1915~1924~1928~1931~1935
Brand John coal dealer 1876
Brand Joseph boot and shoemaker 1876~1895~1899~1903~1907~1911~1915~1924
Brandon Joseph grazier & blacksmith, Ascott 1854~1863~1864~1869~1876~1877~1883
Brandon Thomas blacksmith, grocer, dairyman 1839~1847~1850~1853~1854
Bridgment Samuel "Dove" 1911~1915~1924
Broom George esq. resident, Ascot 1876~1877
Brown Mary grocer 1883~1887
Brown Thomas farmer, farrier, veterinary surgeon 1847~1850~1853~1854~1863~1864~1869
Brown William chair maker 1850
Brownett John boot and shoe maker 1850
Buchanan Major John N. resident 1924~1928~1931~1935
Bull Gabriel farmer, Burcott 1847
Bunn Alfd Sidney "Queen's Head" 1935
Burrows John carpenter 1907~1911~1915~1924
Bury Capt. Cecil Oliver Haigh resident 1931~1935
Buson Wltr boot repr 1931
Capp Stephen carpenter, dairyman, farmer, yeoman 1839~1847~1853~1854~1864~1869
Capp Thomas boot and shoemaker 1839~1847~1850~1853~1854~1863~1864~1869~1876~1877~1883~1887
Carter John jun shopkeeper 1899~1903~1907
Carter John shopkeeper & carter 1895~1899~1903~1907~1911~1915~1924
Carter Lionel farmer 1928~1931~1935
Carter Percy carter 1928~1931~1935
Caves Henry hon. sec. of Wing Village Cricket Club, carpenter 1899~1903~1911~1915
Caves Louisa infants schoolmistress 1887
Chappell Jane (Mrs) machinist 1895~1899
Chignell Alfred Leigh surgeon 1899~1903~1907~1911~1915~1924
Chinnery Henry Joseph resident, Wing lodge 1883
Claridge Henry tailor 1883~1887~1895~1899~1903
Clarke Elizabeth (Mrs) shopkeeper 1911~1915
Clark Thomas baker 1830
Clarke Thomas carter 1907~1911~1915~1924~1928~1931
Clarke Wltr. carter 1935
Cleaver Ernest grocer & draper 1883~1887~1895
Cleaver Ernest George Thomas grcr. tea dealer, provision merchant & general stores, sub-postmaster, registrar of births & deaths 1899~1903~1907~1911~1915~1924~1928~1931~1935
Cleaver George grocer, draper, assistant overseer, collector of rates, surveyor of highways, post master, &c., registrar of births & deaths 1863~1864~1869~1876~1877~1883~1887~1895
Cole Rev. Alex Barnet Farquharson M.A. curate 1895~1899
Coleman & Horn[e] farmers, Cottesloe 1899~1903~1907~1911~1915~1924
o Coleman Arth. & Sons farmers 1928
Coleman Bros. farmers 1935
Coleman Margt. (Mrs) fancy draper 1907
Coles George beer retailers 1847
Coles Henry shopkeeper, painter and plumber 1863~1864~1869~1876~1877~1883~1887
Coles Leah (Mrs) grocer and draper 1853~1854
Coles Mrs resident 1899
Coles Richard grocer and beer retailer 1839~1844~1847~1850
Collins Barnard/Bernard farmer, Crafton 1847~1853~1854
Collins John farmer, Crafton 1863
Collins Joseph farmer, Crafton 1847~1853~1854
Collins Mary (Mrs) farmer, Crafton 1864~1869~1876~1877
Collins Thos dairy farmer 1928~1931
Collins William farmer, Crafton 1883~1887~1895~1899~1903~1907~1911~1915~1924
Collyer James parish clerk 1844
Cook Charles farmer, baliff 1863~1864~1869
Cook John boot, &c. maker 1830
Corkett Edwd blacksmith 1931~1935
Cotes Charles J.P. resident, Burcot 1883~1887~1895~1899~1903
Cotes Lady Edith resident, Burcot 1907~1911~1915
Cox William farmer 1854
Crampin George Samuel "Cock", "Queen's Head" 1899~1903
Crane Rev. Ernest William vicar 1935
Cross James school master 1864~1876~1877~1883
Cutler George shopkeeper 1876
Cutler Harold boot repairer 1928~1931~1935
Cutler Lionel Francis insurance agent 1915
Davidson Robt. "Sportsman's Arms" 1887
Denchfield Ernest wheelwright 1911~1915~1924~1928~1931~1935
Denchfield George carpenter & wheelwright 1839~1844~1850~1853~1854~1863~1864
Denchfield George jun carpenter and grocer 1850~1853
Denchfield Hannah (Mrs) "Six Bells" Burcot/"Five Bells" & shopkeeper 1863~1864~1869~1876~1877
Denchfield Levi carpenter, builder & wheelwright, machinist & ironfounder 1850~1853~1854~1863~1864~1869~1876
Denchfield Richard baker 1830
Denchfield Seth wheelwright & vict. "Royal Oak", carpenter &c 1864~1869~1876~1877~1883~1887~1895~1899~1903~1907
Denchfield Thomas victualler, "Six Bells", Burcott 1839~1847~1850~1853~1854
Dimmock Eli carpenter & wheelwright 1876~1877~1883
Dimmock John hair dresser 1895~1899~1903~1907~1911~1915~1924
Dimmock Matthew shoemaker and shopkeeper 1876
Dimmock Thomas dairyman, carrier & coal dealer 1853~1864~1869~1876~1877~1883~1887
Dim[m]ock William carpenter & shopkeeper, Littleworth 1839~1847~1853~1854~1863~1864
Dimmock William mealman & carrier 1876~1877~1883~1887
Dimmock William horse breaker, Burcott 1911~1915
Doggett William 1st whip (Rothschild) 1907~1911~1915
Dollimore Edwd. Geo. corn dealer 1928~1931~1935
Dollimore George corn dealer 1907~1911~1915~1924
Dolamore John shopkeeper 1863~1864
Drinkwater William baker 1847~1850~1853~1854
Dunkerley Mrs resident 1935
Durban Edward Queen's Head P.H. 1887
Durrart George police constable 1903
Edgar John clerk of works (Rothschild) 1915~1924~1928~1931~1935
Edmonds Charles Claude land steward (Rothschild), resident 1899~1903~1907
Edwards Thos. tinsmith 1924
Elliott William farmer, Old park 1847
Essex Edmund shopkeeper 1903
Evans Wm. Ernest baker 1928~1931~1935
Farquhar Sir Peter bart resident 1935
Faulkner John baker, Burcott 1895~1899~1903~1907~1911~1915
Faulkner Joseph baker 1863~1864~1869~1876~1877~1883
Faulkner Lawrence B. brickmaker, Littleworth 1907~1911~1924~1928~1931~1935
Faulkner Ursula (Mrs) baker 1887
Felix Rev. John gentry, Burcott 1830~1844
Field Henry Hatton resident 1935
Fisher Rev. Charles Wilton M.A. vicar 1924~1928~1931
Flemings/Flemons John farmer, Crafton 1853~1854
Flower Cyril, Esq. resident, Burcot 1876~1877
Foster Henry blacksmith & shopkeeper 1863~1864~1869~1876~1877~1883~1887
Forster Henry (Mrs) blacksmith 1895~1899
Foster John blacksmith 1830~1839~1850~1853~1854
Foster Thomas blacksmith 1863~1864~1869
Foster Mary straw bonnet maker 1853
Fountain[e] Bernard farmer 1847~1853~1854~1864~1869
Fountaine Bernard Whitehall farmer 1915~1924~1928~1931~1935
Fountaine Bernard William farmer 1876~1877~1883
Fountaine Carrie (Mrs) farmer 1887~1907~1911
Fountaine Eliza (Mrs) grazier, Ascott 1854
Fountaine Richard farmer 1863
Franks Joseph carpenter 1839
Garforth William G.W. Ascott estate agent 1911~1915
Gaskin Wm. 1st whip, huntsman (Rothschild) 1895~1899~1903~1907~1911
Gates Baron Frederick John farmer 1883~1887~1895~1899~1903~1907~1911~1915
Gates Baron John farmer 1895~1899~1903~1907~1911~1915~1924~1928
Gates B. J. bricklayer 1895~1899~1903~1907~1911
Gates Harry farmer 1924~1928~1931
Gates John farmer & cattle dealer 1853~1854~1863~1864~1869~1876~1877
Gates John victualler, “Royal Oak," Ascott green 1853~1854~1863
Ginger Rachel (Mrs) butcher 1903~1907~1911~1915
Ginger Thomas butcher and shopkeeper 1863~1876~1877~1883~1887~1895~1899
Goold Mrs resident 1924~1928~1935
Gordon Ernest hon. sec. Village Hall and Club 1924
Grant Douglas Stewart resident 1915
Green Henry bricklayer 1876
Green Richard farmer, Crafton 1847
Green W. & Sons dairymen 1935
Green Walter John builder 1907~1911~1915~1924~1928~1931~1935
Green William boot & shoe maker 1847
Green William tailor 1850
Green William wood carver 1907
Greenfell John Pascoe resident 1911~1915
Greenway Alice (Miss) infants schoolmistress 1903~1907~1911~1915
Griffith Joseph master of Earl of Rosebery's breeding stud establishment 1887~1895~1899~1903~1907
Guess Jane (Mrs) shopkeeper 1903~1907
Gurney John resident 1931~1935
Gurney Mrs resident 1899~1903~1907~1911~1915~1924~1935
Gurney Misses resident 1928~1931
Hamilton - bricklayer, Ascott 1864
Hammerton Albt. Wilde tobacconist 1911~1915~1924
Hammerton Charles Henry builder 1903~1907~1911
Hammerton John bricklayer, builder 1876~1877~1883~1887~1895~1899
Hamerton Thomas bricklayer 1869
Hardwick Joseph carpenter & builder 1839~1850~1853~1863~1864~1869~1876~1877~1883~1887
Harper Joseph plat dealer 1839
Harraway Miss schoolmistress 1876
Harris Mrs Hedley resident 1935
Harris James farmer, Manor farm 1883~1887
Harris Richard farmer, and corn miller, Wing Mill 1839~1847~1850~1853~1854~1863~1864~1869
Harrison Rev. William Congregational minister, Littleworth 1907
Harroway Annie (Miss) infants schoolmistress 1877
Hart Edward estate agent 1876~1877~1883
Hart Rev. John, M.A. gentry 1847~1853~1854~1863
Hart Philip farmer, auctioneer, land & estate agent, Chairman of Wing R.D. Council 1864~1869~1876~1877~1883~1887~1895~1899~1903~1907~1911
Hart Thomas auctioneer, valuer, land agent, and farmer, Ascott 1847~1850~1853~1854~1863~1864
Hart William farmer, Ascott 1847~1853~1854
Heady Joseph house carpenter (Rothschild) 1899~1903~1907~1911
Heading Horace watch repr 1931~1935
Heading Thos. watch repr 1928
Headly George straw plait dealer 1853
Hedges Frederick farmer, Cottesloe 1895~1899~1903
Hedges Richard farmer 1847~1853~1854~1863~1864~1869~1876~1877~1883~1887
Hedges Thomas farmer, Cottesloe 1895~1899~1903
Heley Arthur Somes jun. farmer, Burcott Hall farm 1895~1899~1903~1907~1911~1915~1924~1928~1931~1935
Heley E. Freestone farmer, resident 1907~1911~1915~1924
Heley Henry farmer 1847
Heley James William farmer, corn & oil cake dealer, miller & maltster, Burcot 1864~1869~1876~1877~1883~1887~1895~1899~1903~1907~1911~1915
Heley Miss resident 1911
Heley Mrs resident 1903~1907~1911
Heley Susan(nah) (Mrs) butcher 1853~1854
Heley Thomas butcher/maltster 1830~1839~1844~1847~1850~1869
Heley Thomas Somes farmer, corn & oil cake dealer, miller & maltster, Burcot 1863~1864~1869~1876~1877~1883~1887~1895~1899~1903~19071911~1915
Heley William maltster and corn dealer, farmer & grazier 1830~1839~1844~1847~1850~1853~1854~1863~1864~1869~1876~1877
Henry Lady resident 1935
Hickinbottom John bricklayer 1839~1847~1854
Hillman William "Queen's Head" 1899
Holbrow William house steward (Rothschild) 1895~1899~1903
Holliday John bricklayer 1850
Hopcraft Ernest resident 1887
Horne Hy Wm farmer 1931
Horne Sarah Ann (Mrs) & Sons farmers 1928~1931
Horsman the Right Hon. E., M.P. resident, Wing cottage 1876
Horsman Mrs resident 1877
Hounslow George chimney sweeper 1895
Hounslow Henry fruiterer, & skin & fur dealer 1864~1869
Howcutt Mark huntsman to Lord Rothschild 1895
Hunt Edgar Bryan "Cock" 1915
Hunt Wm. David boot repr 1928
Huntsman Edward Sinkler "Sportsman's Arms" 1911
James Kate (Mrs) matron, Charlotte Cottage 1899~1903~1907~1911~1915
Jeffs Albert shopkeeper 1911
Jennings Frank head gardener (Rothschild) 1928
Jennings John shopkeeper 1864~1869
Jennings John head gardener (Rothschild) 1895~1899~1903~1907~1911~1915~1924
Jennings William tailor 1830~1839~1844
Johnson Joseph shopkeeper 1895~1899
Jones Mildred (Miss) lady superintendent, Charlotte Cottage 1924~1928
Jordan George shopkeeper and coal dealer, general dealer 1876~1877~1883~1887~1895~1899~1903~1907~1911~1915~1924~1928
Jordan Henry licensed hawker 1895~1899~1903~1907
Jordan Henry "Six Bells" 1903
Jordan Jesse smallholder 1928~1931
Kepp Mary Jane (Mrs) shopkeeper 1915
King Thos smallholder 1928~1931
King Wm. farmer 1935
Kipling William resident 1887
Knight Fras. Wm. "Cock" 1931
Lambourne Charles boy's school 1847
Lambert George schoolmaster 1850
Langley Henry baker 1876~1877~1883~1887~1895~1899~1903~1907~1911~1915
Langley William J physcn & surgn 1931~1935
Lawrence Edith (Mrs) shopkeeper 1931
Lawrence Jas. Lee "Queen's Head" 1907~1911~1915
Lawrence Jas. shopkeeper 1928
Lawrence Jas. farmer 1935
Lawrence Saml farmer, Burcott 1924~1928~1931~1935
Lee James carrier 1853
Leetham Claude Rt horse breeder 1935
Long Walter J. schoolmaster 1911~1915~1924~1928
Lovell George grocer 1899~1903~1907~1911
Lovell Julia (Mrs) carrier 1887~1895~1899~1903~1907~1911~1915~1924~1928
Lovell Louie (Miss) shopkpr 1935
Lovell Sarah (Mrs) grocer 1915~1924~1928
Lowndes Mrs resident 1928
Loyd Rev. Lewis Haig resident 1887
Luther George foreman of Earl of Rosebery's breeding stud establishment 1911~1915
Lyns Rev. Rev. Fredk Ormiston M.A. curate 1883
Maiden W. kennel huntsman 1935
Mallett Emanuel baker 1830~1839~1844
Mallett Thomas baker 1863~1864~1869~1876~1877~1883~1887~1895~1899~1903~1907
Mallet William James baker 1895~1899~1903~1907~1911~1915~1924
Manning William F. farmer 1876~1877~1883~1887~1895~1899~1903~1907~1911~1915~1924~1928~1931~1935
Markham Charles Rothschild stud groom, Crafton 1863~1864~1869~1876~1877~1883
Massey Oliver esq. gentry, Wing cottage 1863~1864
Maynard George "Cock" 1924~1928
Maynard Geo motor car hirer 1935
Mayne Paul Moffatt "Cock" 1935
Mayne William Joseph builder 1907
Merry Arthur Walker resident 1915~1924~1928~1931~1935
Molineux, Arthur W. schoolmaster 1899~1903~1907
Monk Lucy (Miss) schoolmistress 1924~1928
Mortimer Charles farmer, Cottesloe 1895
Morris Wm farmer 1931~1935
Mortimer William "Cock" 1830
Mortimer[e] William registrar of B&Ds, school master, tailor 1839~1844~1847~1850~1853~1854~1863~1864~1869~1876~1877
Moxhay Samuel Thomas "Cock" 1911
Mould William stud groom (Rothschild) 1895~1899~1903~1907~1911~1915~1924
Mudie Louise superintendent, Charlotte Cottage 1935
Munday Elizabeth "Dove Inn" 1887
Munday Henry "Dove Inn" 1883
Munday William shopkeeper 1863~1864~1869~1876
Muschamp Rev. Evelyn George B.A. curate 1903
Neale Margaret (Miss) mistress infants school 1883~1887
Newbury William shopkeeper 1911~1915~1924
Newett John farm baliff 1864~1869
Newton Lance resident 1931
Oakl[e]y Christopher butcher 1907~1911~1915~1924~1928~1931~1935
Oakley John grocer, butcher 1899~1903
Oakly Maud (Miss) shopkeeper 1915~1924
Olney Albert E. clerk 1911~1915
Olney James farmer, Crafton 1853~1854
Orkney Earl of, J.P. resident 1895~1899~1903
Osborn Herbt. Chas. "Dove" 1928~1931
Osborn Rt Geo "Dove" 1935
Osgood William James "Cock" 1895
Ouvry Rev. Peter Thomas M.A. J.P. vicar 1850~1853~1854~1863~1864~1869~1876~1877~1883
Paddock William Peters schoolmaster 1895
Page Arth. corn merchant 1928~1931~1935
Page Elizabeth (Mrs) shopkeeper 1903~1907
Page George carrier & hair dresser 1887~1895~1899
Page George jun. corn merchant, seedsman & miller 1895~1899~1903~1907~1911~1915~1924
Page Joseph carrier 1903~1907~1911~1915
Page Joseph farmer 1924~1928~1931~1935
Page J.W. butcher 1935
Page Harry butcher 1935
Page William butcher and shopkeeper, Littleworth 1853~1854~1863~1864~1869~1876~1877~1883~1887
Page William jun. butcher & dealer 1895~1899~1903~1907~1911~1924~1928~1931
Page William farmer, Burcott 1911~1915~1924~1928~1931
Page William hairdresser 1911
Paine Charles farmer 1876~1877
Paine James farmer 1847~1853~1854~1863~1864~1869
Painter Henry schoolmaster 1887
Pantling John Charles cycle agent 1911~1915~1924~1928~1931
Pantling JC & Son cycle agents 1935
Paske Capt. George F. resident 1899~1903
Pattendon Ernest J. "Sportsman's Arms" 1935
Peaker B. first whip (Whaddon Chase) 1924
Pease Benj. boot repr 1928~1931~1935
Piggs Edward farmer, Burcott 1899
Piggs William farmer, Burcott 1899
Pinfold - "Sportsman's Arms" 1895
Piper Sydney Woffone general draper 1907~1911~1915~1924~1928~1931~1935
Pitchford Edward bricklayer 1899~1903~1907~1911~1915~1924~1928~1931~1935
Pollard Andrew blacksmith 1876~1877~1883~1887~1895
Pollard Ann Susan (Mrs) blacksmith 1899~1903~1907
Pollard Joseph Andrew R.S.S. farrier & smith 1895~1899~1903~1907~1911~1915~1924~1928~1931
Prentice George fellmonger, skin dealer 1877~1883~1887~1895~1899~1903
Prentice John farmer 1876~1877~1883~1887~1895~1899~1903~1907
Prentice Martha (Mrs) farmer, Ascott 1853~1854~1863~1864~1869
Prentice Thomas "Royal Oak", farmer 1847~1850~1853~1854
Preston Walter H. resident 1907
Pretty Sydney shopkpr 1928~1931~1935
Randall Ann (Mrs) shopkeeper 1911~1915~1924~1928~1931
Randell Benjamin plat dealer 1839~1847~1853
Randall Bert shopkpr 1935
Randall David tailor 1863~1876
Randall Frederick coal merchant, chimney sweeper 1876~1877~1883~1887~1899~1903~1907
Randall Fred (Mrs) shopkpr 1935
Randall George butcher 1899~1903~1907~1911
Randall Henry shopkeeper 1895~1899~1903~1907
Randall Joseph chimney sweeper 1911~1915~1924~1928~1931~1935
Randle Nathaniel plait dealer 1847
Randall Winifred (Mrs) shopkeeper 1928~1931~1935
Raphael Aubrey Cecil resident 1935
Rawlings Hy farmer 1924
Redrup John wheelwright, house decorator, carpenter 1883~1887~1895~1899~1903~1907~1911~1915
Redrup Norman John house decorator, wheelwright, carpenter & undertaker 1924~1928~1935
Reeves John groom 1899
Reilly Hy stud groom (Rothschild) 1928
Reynolds Reginald Harry huntsman (Rothschild) 1915
Richardson Mrs schoolmistress 1876
Richardson Martha (Miss) schoolmistress 1877
Rickard Bernard bricklayer 1863~1864~1869
Roadnight William shopkeeper, Burcott 1854
Roadnight Wm shopkpr 1935
Robinson Mrs Ernest resident 1928~1931
Robinson Fredk. farmer 1935
Roger Frank hairdresser 1931~1935
Rogers Alfred farmer, Littleworth 1887
Rogers Edmund butcher, beer retailer & shopkeeper 1853~1863~1864
Rogers Edmund Joseph shopkeeper 1903
Rogers Henry baker 1863~1864~1869~1876~1877
Rogers Henry butcher 1887~1895
Rogers Joseph beer retailer & butcher, "Dove Inn" 1850~1854~1863~1864~1869~1876~1877
Rogers Joseph Charles baker 1883~1887~1895~1899~1903~1907~1911~1915~1924
Rogers Mrs M infants mistress 1924~1928
Rope Bruce insur. agt 1935
Rope Hy. Kenneth hairdresser 1935
Roper William coal dlr 1924
Rose Arth. cycle repr 1928~1931~1935
Rose Edith (Mrs) shopkpr 1935
Rose George farmer, Tinker's Hole 1847~1853~1854~1863~1864~1869~1876~1877
Rose William shopkeeper 1853~1854
de Rothschild, Baron Ferdinand resident, Wing cottage 1869
de Rothschild Leopold, Esq. resident, Ascot 1876~1877~1883~1887~1895~1899~1903~1907~1911~1915
de Rothschild Mrs Leopold, C.B.E. resident, Ascot 1924~1928~1931~1935
Sayell Edward beer retailer, Littleworth 1869
Sale Thomas Ginger butcher 1864~1869
Sawyer Frederick shopkeeper, Littleworth 1907
Scott Frank H stud groom (Rothschild) 1931~1935
Scutts J. groom to Earl of Orkney 1903
Sear Joseph bricklayer 1839~1847~1850~1853~1854~1864~1869
Sharman Jn. Holland resident 1915~1928
Shipley - "Queen's Head 1895
Simons Michael shoemaker 1839
Sinkler Edwd. "Sportsman's Arms", Littleworth 1907
Smith Harry "Cock" 1903~1907
Smith Henry resident, Littleworth 1924
Smith Jane (Mrs) farmer 1854~1863~1864~1869~1876~1877~1883~1887
Smith John horse dealer 1839~1847
Smith John farmer 1847
Smith Mary farmer, Burcott 1853
Smith Samuel Wing Village Cricket Club hon. sec. 1907
Smith Thomas horse dealer 1863
Southall George Henry resident 1928~1931~1935
Southern Walter Duckett resident, Burcott 1924~1928~1931~1935
Sprittles George Thomas blacksmith 1911
Staples Berry "Six Bells" 1883~1887
Staples Joseph beer retailer 1839
Stevens Alfred grazier 1863~1864
Stevens Charles "Dove" 1895~1899~1903~1907
Stevens James plat dealer 1839
Stevens Thomas "Cock Inn", farmer & landowner 1876~1877~1883~1887
Straw Frederick grazier, Ascot 1869
Swannell Joseph Ebenezer[A.] farmer, Burcott 1847~1853~1854
Syratt Herbt. Lionel farmer 1928~1931~1935
Syratt Reuben "Six Bells" & carrier 1895~1899~1903~1907~1911
Syratt William John carrier 1915
Syrett & Carter farmers, Ascott 1924
Tanner Alfred grocer 1853~1854
Tarrey Charles shopkeeper 1850
Tarver John T. private secretary, estate agent 1907~1911~1915~1924~1928~1931~1935
Tatham Rev. Francis Henry M.A. vicar 1895~1899~1903~1907~1911~1915
Tatham Miss(es) resident 1924~1928~1931~1935
Tayler Geo. Bernard farmer 1935
Taylor Henry shopkeeper 1876~1895~1899~1903
Tearle/Tirrel Levi blacksmith 1877~1883~1887~1895~1899~1903~1907~1911~1915~1924
Tearle Mahlon blacksmith 1928
Thatcher Chas 1st whip (Whaddon Chase) 1928
Thorn George tea dealer, shopkeeper 1850~1853
Thorne Thomas shopkeeper 1864
Tims Thos. Edwd. smallholder 1935
Travers John J. resident 1850
Trueman George brick and tile manufacturer 1876~1877~1883~1887
Tuckwell Sarah Maria (Mrs) shopkpr 1935
Tuffney William farm baliff 1899~1903~1907~1911~1915
Turner George butcher 1850
Tyrrell James shopkeeper 1903~1907~1911~1915
Underwood E. & Son smith 1935
Underwood George farmer 1895
Underwood William Arthur farmer 1876~1877~1883~1887
Vallentine Geo. farmer, Burcott 1907
Val[l]entine Robert farmer, Burcott 1863~1864~1869~1876~1877~1883~1887~1895~1899
Vallentine Bros. farmers, Burcott 1903
Walker Francis J. resident 1907~1911~1915~1924~1928~1931~1935
Walter[s] Robert grocer and cheesemonger 1830~1839~1844~1847~1850~1853~1854
Ward Mary Infant schoolmistress 1853
Ward Robert Church schoolmaster 1853
Ward William stud foreman (Dalmeny, Rosebery) 1924~1928~1931~1935
Warren Lewis farmer 1928~1931~1935
Warren Col. Thomas Richard P resident 1931
Watson Walter E. farm baliff (Rothschild) 1924~1928~19311935
Watson William farm baliff (Rothschild), resident 1895~1899~1903~1907~1911~1915~1924
Weatherall Emily (Mrs) "Queens Head" 1931
Weatherall William H. "Queen's Head" 1924~1928
Webster Alexander Lowe land agent, baliff, architect, insurance agent 1853~1854~1863~1864~1869~1876~1877~1883~1887
Webster & Cannon brickmakers, Littleworth 1895~1899~1903
Welburn Rev. Dale John curate 1863~1864
Westbrook Walt shopkeeper 1928~1931
Whipham Mary (Mrs) grocer 1869~1876
Whipham William grocer and cheesemonger 1830~1839~1844~1847~1850~1853~1854
White Albt greengrocer 1928~1931~1935
Whitman Edwin/Edward grocer and draper, parish clerk 1876~1877~1883~1887~1895~1899~1903~1907~1911~1915
Whitman Helen (Mrs) newsagt 1935
Whitman John grocer, parish clerk 1924~1928~1931
Whittenbury Jasper gamekeeper (Rosebery, Dalmeny) 1915~1924~1928~1931~1935
Willison Ann (Mrs) farmer, Crafton 1869
Willison Robert farmer, Crafton 1847~1853~1854~1863~1864
Wilson Albert valet 1903
Wilson Albert H (Waldhaus) resident, Littleworth 1907~1911
Wilson Ted colt breaker 1899~1903~1907~1911~1915~1924~1928~1931~1935
Windmill Catherine (Miss) "Queen's Head" 1864
Windmill Henry Charles "Queen's Head" 1863~1864~1869~1876~1877~1883
Win[d]mill John victualler, "Queen's Head" 1830~1839~1847~1850~1853~1854
Windmill John shopkeeper, butcher & grocer, parish clerk, farmer 1863~1864~1869~1876~1877~1883~1887~1895~1899~1903~1907~1911~1915
Win[d]mill Thomas baker and wheelwright 1830~1839~1844~1847~1850~1853~1854
Windmill William "Queens Head" 1844
Winter Bernard Bradbury farmer 1935
Whitaker Robert Edmund resident 1931
Witton William shopkeeper 1844
Wood F.D. hon. sec. Village Hall etc 1931~1935
Woodman Arthur Vere resident 1928~1931~1935
Woodman Joseph farmer 1876~1877
Woodman Veere schoolmaster and parish clerk 1830
Woodman William Hedges farmer, Crafton 1847~1853~1854~1876
Woods Nellie (Miss) infants schoolmistress 1895
Woodward George "Six Bells" 1911~1915
Woodward Thomas "Six Bells" 1907
Woolhead Jane carrier 1876
Woolhead Joseph draper 1895
Woolhead Naomi (Mrs) draper 1899~1903
Woolhead William farmer Cottesloe 1877~1883~1887
Wootton Eliza (Mrs) "Sportsman's Arms", Littleworth 1931
Wootton Frank "Sportsman's Arms", Littleworth 1924
Wootton Fredk "Sportsman's Arms", Littleworth 1928
Worster Thomas baker 1863~1864~1869
Wyatt James "Sportsmans Arms", Littleworth 1903
Yarborough Victoria Countess of resident 1924
Young John tailor 1839~1850~1853~1854~1863~1864~1869