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1891 census - Wing and surrounding hamlets

Where anything was difficult to read, I've added a question mark as part of that field to indicate this. I've also standardised the recording and spelling of "agricultural labourer" as our enumerators weren't very consistent!

Employment status abbreviations are as follows: Employe(R), Employe(D), or (N)either. Relationship status abbreviations should be fairly self-explanatory but check the comments field for non-standard ones.

Try using the Find feature of your internet browser to locate a name quickly, or browse through them in the enumerated order. If you are just interested in one family and want a printed copy, I suggest you highlight the consecutive lines of your family and then Print Selection (either to Landscape in older browser versions or Shrink To Fit in newer versions). If you are interested in a particular surname scattered throughout the transcripts and would like a clean printout, please email me and I can create one from the source file and email it to you. If you think there is an error in the transcription or would like me to check again against the scans, please email me - I have done my best but the odd error may be in there somewhere!

TO THE TRANSCRIPTION - good luck and please be patient while it loads.

Piece 1266, Registration District Leighton Buzzard, Registration Sub-District Wing, Enumeration District 1 - Enumerator Mr George Cleaver

All that part of the Civil Parish of Wing, comprising the South East Corner of the Church yard taking in or including District the north side of Church Row, the 4 cottages opposite Church Row occupied by Woodwards King Cutler and Hounslow Widow, the east and west side of such part of the High Street as lie on the North side of the 4 cottages. Also including Chaple Lane and the Vicarage. From thence to Littleworth and Burcott to Burcott Hall to Adams Barns. Then to Biggs Farm thence to Burcott Lodge then to Hedges Farm thence to Harrises Tinkershole then Mr Mortimer Cottesloe thence Mr Underwoods Church Farm thence to Mr Windmill Vicarage Farm and terminating at the Vicarage. The whole of the above named Hamlets and of Littleworth Burcott Cottesloe Tinkershole as named are situated in the Parish of Wing.

Piece 1266, Registration District Leighton Buzzard, Registration Sub-District Wing, Enumeration District 2 - Enumerator Mr Ernest George Thomas Cleaver

All that remaining part of the civil Parish of Wing comprising part of the south east corner of the churchyard taking in and including the south side of the Church Row, the east and west sides of such part of the High Street as lie on the south of the 4 cottages occupied by Woodward King Cutler and Widow Hounslow, and comprising such part of the Township as lies on the south side of Church Row called Frogmore. From thence to Wing Mill thence to Lower Wingbury thence to West Park thence to Upper Wingbury thence to Crafton. Labour in Vain pulled down. Thence to Mr Gates Park Farm thence to Ascott Ascott Lodge Ascott House and Coach Stables thence to Ascott Farm (late Philip Hart) and return to the Keepers Lodge thence to the Kennells and cottages thence to John Prentices Waterloo Farm then to the Fir Tree then on to the Hand Post and George St & Prospect Place & terminating at the corner house of High Street (late) occupied by William Woolhead Junr. All of which places aforesaid hamlets farms and cottages are situated in the Parish of Wing.