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1841 census - Wing and surrounding hamlets

A "?xxxx" in the comments field indicates that the relevant piece of information was difficult to read (or was missing entirely thanks to decayed pages). Over on the right-hand side you will see the reference information. I have also added in a household number (H/H) so you could tell where one household ends and the next begins. The reason they begin with 'a' rather than '1' is that the very first page was missing from the CD I originally used to transcribe and number the households - but now George Rose has been reunited with his family!

A reminder that ages for those aged over 15 were supposed to be rounded down to the nearest multiple of 5 years in the 1841 census - so your ancestor may be slightly older than their age here indicates. However this particular instruction was not followed particularly well in Wing, and there are many adults recorded with their actual age. Relationships to the head of household are not given, nor are exact places of birth.

Try using the Find feature of your internet browser to locate a name quickly, or browse through them in the enumerated order. If you are just interested in one family and want a printed copy, I suggest you highlight the consecutive lines of your family and then Print Selection (either to Landscape in older browser versions or Shrink To Fit in newer versions). If you are interested in a particular surname scattered throughout the transcripts and would like a clean printout, please email me and I can create one from the source file and email it to you. If you can confirm some of the difficult-to-read details, please email me. If you think there is an error in the transcription or would like me to check again against the scans, please email me - I have done my best but the odd error may be in there somewhere.

TO THE TRANSCRIPTION - good luck and please be patient while it loads.

HO 107/51/7, Enumeration District 1

All that part of the Township of Wing commencing at the North East corner of Church Yard taking in or including the North side of Church Row the three cottages opposite Church Row occupied by John Randle, William Wilmore, John Burrows and John woolhead, the East & West sides of such parts of the High Street as lie on the north side of the said Cottages also including Chapel Lane and the Vicarage, from thence to Littleworth and including the whole Hamlets of Littleworth and Burcott, from thence to Cottersloe to Hodges and Cooks, thence to Cutlers and Roses at Tinkershole, thence to Old Park, thence to William Harts and terminating at the Vicarage. The whole of the abovenamed Hamlets or places of Littleworth Burcott Cottesloe and Tinkershole are situated in the Parish of Wing.

HO 107/51/10, Enumeration District 2

All that part of the Township of Wing commencing at the South East corner of the Church Yard taking in or including the South side of Church Row, the East and West sides of such parts of the High Street as lie on the South side of the Cottage occupied by John Randle and comprising such part of the Township as lies on the South side of Church Row and that part called Frogmore, from thence to the Mill, thence to Robert Elliotts at West Park, thence to Wingberry, thence to Crafton, thence to Ascott, thence to and terminating at the corner house of the High Street occupied by Harry Heley all of which places aforesaid are situated in the parish of Wing.